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Linux Photography

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Linux Photography

Dmitri Popov
41 ratings

Using Linux as a foundation or an important part of your photographic workflow opens a whole world of possibilities. Hosting web-based photography tools and applications, automating mundane tasks, extending your image processing toolset — you can enlist a Linux based system to a wide range of photography-related duties.

The book offers advice on optimizing and improving Linux-based photographic workflow by automating tedious tasks as well as using lightweight and specialized tools. Here are just a few topics the book covers.

  • Use Bash shell scripts to import photos and RAW files from a storage card or camera and automatically rename, geotag, and organize the transferred files.
  • Edit EXIF metadata and organize and photos with ExifTool.
  • Manage and edit photos using the lightweight yet versatile gThumb application.
  • Apply color corrections using Hald CLUT.
  • Set up a simple self-hosted photo publishing web application to share and showcase your photographic masterpieces.
  • Set up a cloud backup solution with Rclone.
  • Find photos from the past with Girasole.
  • Show photos on a map with PinPinPin.
  • Turn a Raspberry Pi into a wireless camera server.
  • Recompress JPEG files in a browser with Tim.
  • Build an Android-based photo backup and processing device

The scripts and tools covered in the book play an important part in the author's real-world photographic workflow.

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