Tokyo Taxi Lights

Dmitri Popov
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There is no lack of photographic opportunities in Tokyo. But there is one subject you might find particularly fascinating: taxi top lights. There are around 70 taxi companies in Tokyo, and almost all of them have their unique lights. Like fireflies they transform the city into a captivating and mesmerizing cityscape, and photographing them is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Taxi lights come in all shapes and colors, featuring all sorts of creative company logos. So whether you are in Tokyo on a short business trip or an extended vacation, it's worth taking at least a handful of taxi lights photos either as mementoes or a part of a large photographic project.

This book provides practical information about photographing taxi lights: from choosing optimal camera settings, to useful Tokyo-related tips. The book also features a selection of Tokyo taxi lights photos for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

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  • Size44.2 MB
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Tokyo Taxi Lights

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